I was thinking about what happens “color” in this blog is gone.

Black-and-white world ….

traffic Signal will not work, you will not know the taste of the food. And less change of heart, you will not put out the personality.
I should … can no longer have things to enjoy and hair color of course. It seems like a fun world I’m not so much 🙂
How do you express your individuality no longer should live in such a world if you do not it?
Form? Smell? Texture? ….
The actress had to make in the era of black-and-white television. Is similar to the world that “color” is just gone? Monotone, red lip is easy to express what color brightness since it flying. Monotone and red lip make-up is the cornerstone in the foundation, it is also referred to as the most difficult technique actually. Because I do not irreversibly if they make a mistake, even a little. It means that you had to express their individuality in the technology in the world that “color” is gone. People in the past is really amazing.
I think what “things may or may not” is something important in this world. You say people do not die without the “color”. It will be your personality even one “color”, though.
Because it is the world where you can enjoy the “color” much trouble, do not you enjoy a nice color in the salon?

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